OA Enterprises Team - Bought a Vacant Land home in 2023 in Bangor, PA.

I initially reached out to Quinn about a Commercial deal to acquire an existing business that had temporarily closed in March 2020 along with the real estate. We had done our due diligence and this would have been our 18th acquisition in this category. Quinn asked for a week to review the financials herself and give me her analysis. She found some inconsistencies that could not be ignored. The owner was not forthcoming. Quinn drove about an hour from her office to speak with the owner in person. Let’s just say the conversation went quite well and we went under contract with a 20% reduction in price. I don’t typically write reviews but you gotta give hardworking people credit. Now Q, let’s close the next deal.

Ada Joy - Bought a Single Family home in 2023 in Reading, PA.

Quinnieee!!! I don’t think I have thanked you enough for all the hurdles you have gone through with me in regards to purchasing my home. My family is sincerely grateful that God matched me with such a diligent person as yourself as my agent. Thank you! 3.99% interest rate, is indeed not an easy one to find in this economy, but you were able to help me secure it and be locked in! Thank you! Thank you! I gave your number to a great friend of mine. I was very happy to let her know that she is due for a change of Realtor and to give you a call. Thank you so much my darling! My Children’s children will hear our story :)